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Build a sensory path in 4 easy steps - e-course

eCourse: Build a Sensory Path in 4 Easy Steps!




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No children's garden is the same without it: the Sensory Path.

How to Build a Sensory Path in 4 Easy Steps! is an eCourse delivered in 6 modules (video format) that walk you through the process of planning and installing one of the best, multi-sensory play and learning features for all children.

This eCourse provides instructions for planning out, calculating/sourcing materials, prepping your site, and installing 3 surfacing materials: log cookies, flagstone, and stone mosaics.

Module 1. Sensory path basics. This module introduces you to one of the most magical multi-sensory nature play and learning features out there: the sensory path. Discover the benefits to play, learning, nature connection, and nervous system balance that a simple sensory path can provide kids of all abilities and diversities, including those with neurodiversity.

Module 2. Step 1: Choose the location + sketch it out. This module provides guidance on how to locate your path to optimize play, learning, and sensory benefit, and how to get your ideas down on paper.

Module 3. Step 2: Calculate + source the materials. This module helps you figure out what kind and how much materials you need to build your specific path, as well as where to find the materials you need.

Module 4. Step 3: Site prep. This module explains what tools you'll need on-hand and how to prep the area where you're installing your path to get it ready for the various surfacing materials.

Module 5. Step 4: Installation time, baby! This module walks you through how to install 3 different types of sensory surfacing (each with very different sensory value): log cookies, flagstones and a stone mosaic.

Module 6. Sensory path maintenance. As with all garden features, sensory paths are not necessarily maintenance-free. This module explains how to properly maintain your sensory path to make sure it remains functional, beautiful, and provides many, many years of enjoyment by all!


Some love for Jena's work:

"Jena’s understanding of children’s needs and approach to nature play is nothing short of magic." - Brooke M., Mom of 3 and Kindergarten teacher

"As an occupational therapist and researcher studying inclusion for children with sensory differences, I find Jena’s work to be refreshing and inspiring. She truly understands what sensory needs are and the therapeutic value in supporting them through landscape design. Not only is her work whimsical and inviting, it can be life-changing for children who finally get the chance to play in environments that were tailor made with them in mind." - Dr. Kathryn Williams, PhD, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist


- If you have issues with your purchase, please email me at jena@nisfornatureplay[dot]com and I would be happy to help you.

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