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eCourse: 3 Keys to Restorative Children's Therapeutic Environments




eCourse: 3 Keys to Restorative Children's Therapeutic Environments


For kids, going to the doctor, dentist, or (fill in the healthcare blank) is often stressful. 

Is your clinic's environment causing kids more stress? Or does it makes them feel goooooood? How do you know?

You have a few precious minutes right before their appointment to shift their stress and sensory overload into calm and giggles. The best thing is, YOU don't have to do anything because your clinic's environment will do it for you.


3 Keys to Restorative Children's Therapeutic Environments is a course designed to help you enhance your practice's children's spaces to help balance their nervous system so they're feeling good and ready for their time with you.

What if you made small, strategic tweaks to places like your entry area, waiting room, and therapeutic rooms? What if these small adjustments helped your littlest patients shed stress and gain sensory balance? To go from survival mode to a state of  balance and joy in those few minutes prior to their time with you?

The environment of your practice can support YOU in giving your highest level of care!

This course will teach you how to look at the children's spaces within your own practice from a unique and essential perspective:  children's nervous system. You'll learn about "restorative environments" and transformative power of sensory-rich, nature-inspired children's spaces. 

This digital course is laid out in 3 modules (video format) with eye-opening, practical, and actionable information to make strategic tweaks to spaces like your entry, waiting room, therapeutic rooms, and outdoor spaces. You'll discover the 3 keys to creating a pediatric space that brings peace, calm, and sensory balance for your kiddos, their families, your staff, and you, too!


You might be asking "Is this course for ME?" Well, are you a pediatric healthcare provider?

If so, my answer is a big, fat YES! It sure is!

From family medicine to chiropractic. From therapeutic services to dentist's offices. If you provide healthcare services to children, this course was made for just for you!

AND, this course has extra special value for providers who work with children

  • who are experiencing stress and stress-related health issues.
  • with differing sensory needs and sensitivities
  • who experience neurodiversities
  • in the special needs community
  • who challenge your skill set with "what works today won't work tomorrow"

This course is definitely for providers who take a more creative, tailored approach to their work with children of all ages, abilities, and diversities.

How your own practice will benefit:

  • You’ll learn how to craft an environment that better supports your current client base.
  • If you’re looking to expand your current client base, you’ll be able to make strategic enhancements that considers a wider range of needs.
  • Enhancing your practice’s environment with restoration in mind will distinguish you from your competitors in the eyes of increasingly savvy parents who want the best for their kiddos.


Here's what’s included in this course:

Module 1. Restorative environments & children’s nervous systems.

In this module, we’ll discuss three childhood healthcare trends: stress, special needs, and neurodiversity, and lay the foundation for the need for restorative environments in the healthcare industry. Restorative environments support the nervous systems and sensory needs of all children AND the practitioners who provide them care.


Module 2. 3 factors in restorative pediatric environments.

Experience from a child’s perspective (and their nervous system’s!) the importance of 3 factors essential to restorative spaces. We’ll explore aspects about an environment that makes a child feels safe and secure; how to create an intentionally multi-sensory space that feeds their nervous system in all the right ways; and the therapeutic power of nature in children’s spaces.


Module 3. 5 easy enhancements to support the kids in your care.

Discover 5 easy (and often budget-friendly) enhancements you can make in your practice's environment, indoor or outdoor. Whether you want to focus on one enhancement or several, you'll be upping your game as a care provider. Children, families, and your staff will benefit from elevated atmosphere that result from strategic improvements that are the right fit for your clinic and clientele.


- This is a digital product. No physical product will be mailed to you.

- If you have issues with your purchase, please email me at jena@nisfornatureplay[dot]com and I would be happy to help you.

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