More than ever before our yards and outdoor spaces need to support the play, learning, and therapeutic needs of our children. Let’s transform your yard into a nature playscape, an outdoor classroom, and place of therapeutic value.

Bring nature play home.

Your kids will thank you.


A cozy space covered in sunflowers. What could be better?

Who needs a metal and plastic playground? Nature play delivers mega-value for imaginative play, physical activity, and well-rounded development.


Studying a worm in all of its slimy, grit-covered beauty.

Every day, in every kind of weather, there’s so much to learn from the natural world. From pill bugs to STEAM activities, natural learning is within arm’s reach.

Therapeutic Needs

Sensory path for sensory stimulation & exploration

Your own backyard will be a place where your kids can find sensory balance, challenge themselves, and build coping skills that will help them in their daily lives.

Inclusion is Essential

Children’s landscapes are the most successful when they’re designed for all abilities. Jena speaks at national and international levels on designing landscapes for children with autism and sensory processing challenges. Her philosophy is “What is good design for children with autism and sensory issues is good design for all children.”

You can do THIS! DIY for…

  • Your child’s everyday landscapes…whether your have a yard or balcony, there are ideas to enhance or even transform your space for your child’s play, learning, and therapeutic needs
  • Nature play features for active/passive play, whole child development, and sparking their imagination
  • STEAM features that foster learning, exploration, experimentation, and connection with nature
  • Sensory features that engage children’s 7 senses
  • Projects you can build with your kids in a weekend or less!
About Jena

Jena is a mom of twins, a landscape architect and professional artist, and 20-year nature play expert. Her specialty is designing nature-based play, learning, and therapeutic environments for children of all abilities.

She wants to help you bring nature play home to your kids.

Get In Touch

Send Jena an email at jena@nisfornatureplay.com

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