Helping you create nature play spaces

in your very own back yard!

Hi! I'm Jena,

I’m a landscape architect. Nature play expert. Artist-Builder. Garden fanatic. Mom of twins.

I’ve dedicated my decades-long career to designing children’s nature play areas, sensory gardens, learning landscapes, and custom playscapes. 

Now, I’m on a mission to teach parents how to create sensory-rich nature play spaces at home, so your children -- all ages, abilities, and diversities – may blossom in their own unique way.

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Have you been wanting to do more nature play at home and just don’t know where to start? What if your child’s nature play space could support their healthy brain development and balanced bodies? What if it celebrated their individuality, independence, and spirit?

It’s easier than you think, and I’m here to help.

My unique workshop series and online courses give you the resources, tools, and guidance so you can easily create a nature play space at home that is perfectly suited to your child.

nature play philosophy

Children’s play and learning is rooted entirely in their sensory experiences…in their language of the senses.

The language of the senses is one all children understand. It’s primal. It’s truth. It’s real experience. It’s the language they use to communicate with their environment, with nature, so they may better understand the world around them and their place within it. It’s also the way nature communicates with them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a sensory garden, a nature play area, at home - big or small - that engages your child’s seven senses (yes, seven!), sparks their imagination and curiosity, inspires learning, connects them deeply with nature, and celebrates their individuality?

It’s possible.

I’m here to help you.

  • testimonials

    “Without Jena's leadership and vision, we would not have known where to start. She’s definitely the person you want to have involved if you are looking for ways for students of all abilities to access nature play. “

    Jami  | Mom of Two & Executive Director of West Valley Outdoor Learning Center
  • testimonials

    “Jena’s understanding of children's needs and approach to nature play is nothing short of magic".

    Brooke | Mom of Three and Kindergarten Teacher
  • testimonials

    “Jena has a creative eye and approach to teaching. I appreciated her guidance in creating an amazing space not only for our home but at the elementary school. “

    Meg | Mom of Three and Elementary School Garden Advocate

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