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real experiences
Kids need real, sensory experiences for healthy brain development, happy bodies, and resilient spirits.
feeding the imagination
Nature play provides endless food for the imagination – our greatest gift!
connection with nature
Daily access to nature provides countless benefits for kids of all ages, abilities, and diversities. Never underestimate the power of green spaces, no matter the size.
strong families
Share experiences, strengthen bonds, and create memories. Strong families benefit everyone!

About N is for Nature Play

N is for Nature Play started out as a “what if”. When my kids were toddlers, I started building a sensory garden in the corner of our yard. My children are growing, and with that, the garden continues to grow. One day, as the girls are I were out doing our nature play thing, it occurred to me, “What if more parents did this?” What if more parents (and educators, childcare professionals, and therapeutic professionals) were able to make their own garden-like nature play spaces for their kiddos, spaces that captivated children at a sensory level, which has whole child benefit?

It was a thought I couldn’t shake off, nor did I want to. Creating a sensory garden or a nature play space can be a very simple and suuuuuuper fun process, for you and your kids. Perhaps you just need the resources, tools, and a little guidance to cultivate your own slice of childhood paradise.

Why I'm here

I stand for the beauty and individuality in all kids.

I’m on a mission to teach and empower parents to create fun, sensory-rich nature play spaces at home so that your kids will blossom into the amazing humans they’re meant to be.

I want a future where generations of children grow up knowing their own value because they’re connected with nature…bare feet in the grass, hands in the mud, and the air filled with the sound of children’s laughter. That’s what I want for my kids, and for yours.

How I Started

I grew up immersed in sensory experiences ‘playing’ outdoors and ‘working’ at my parent's veterinary clinic, my life was one robust sensory experience after another. My parents are responsible for my wacky, amazing, sometimes odiferous childhood. They recognized the importance of letting this girl cover her dress in grass stains and mud every day; affording me hours of unstructured time to explore our pastures and nearby nature; and the space to let my imagination wander. This sparked my career path from design to teaching so that I can help parents and those in sphere of children’s learning to create truly engaging nature play spaces and sensory gardens so their children will thrive in their own unique way.

What I Offer

I offer workshops and courses, both virtual and in-person. In addition, I can come to you and your space to create. Depending on your wants, we go over a multitude of approaches, concepts, principles and plans of action. Each workshop or course is tailored so you receive the value and end result you were hoping for. 
Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden.
- author unknown

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