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About n is for nature play


Kids need real, sensory experiences for healthy brain development, happy bodies, and resilient spirits.

feeding the imagination

Nature play provides endless food for the imagination – our greatest gift!

connection with nature

Daily access to nature provides countless benefits for kids of all ages, abilities, and diversities.

Happy Nervous

Nature play is a powerful tool to help kids regulate their nervous systems!

N is for Nature Play started out as a "what if".

When my kids were toddlers, I started building a children’s sensory garden in the corner of our yard. This garden is intended to support their nervous system through sensory experiences, social connection, and the magic of nature. Our sensory garden has become our special place and my girls have the magic of nature within arm’s reach.

One day, as the girls are I were out having some nature-time, I wondered “What if we all took a sensory-approach to creating kids’ spaces…what if a natural, sensory space was in every child’s daily life?”

“What if WE (parents, early childhood’ers, and schools) realized just how important sensory experiences and happy nervous systems are in childhood?...and, what if we created their environments as, first and foremost, as sensory spaces?”

The message I share, that all children need environments tailored to stimulate their sensory systems in ways support them and their nervous systems, is more important than ever.

Not only do I design sensory-rich natural play and learning spaces, I also teach you how to create your own, tailored to your children’s individual developmental and sensory needs and to what feeds their souls. Whether you’re creating a sensory-rich nature play space for one child or many, it’s easier than you think!

why I'm Here

I stand for the beauty and individuality in all kids. I’m on a mission to teach and empower parents, early childhood professionals, educators, and others how to create sensory-rich nature play spaces that are truly tailored to each child’s developmental and sensory needs.

I want a future where generations of children grow up knowing their own value because they’re connected with nature…bare feet in the grass, hands in the mud, and the air filled with the sound of children’s laughter. That’s what I want for my kids, and for yours.

What / Offer

There are many ways to work with me. I have a variety of eBooks and on-demand, online courses available for those who like to self-study. Check out my shop to see what's available.

For those of you who want to work directly with me, I offer workshops and courses, both in-person and virtual. I can also work with you one-on-one to design the sensory-rich natural play and learning space of your dreams. Contact me directly or check the Shop for upcoming workshops and opportunities!