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eBook: Nature Play for the 7 Senses




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Hey, Parents! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a nature play area at home - big or small - that engages your child’s seven senses (yes, seven!), sparks their imagination and curiosity, inspires learning, connects them deeply with nature, and celebrates their individuality?

Sensory-rich nature play provides particular value during childhood, the foundational time in our life when learning and experience are amplified. Sensory experiences feed children’s bodies and brains so they can develop in the way they’re meant to.

If the public school system doesn’t resonate with your child’s spirit…if they’re considered a ‘sensory’ kid…if they prefer to be outside moving, exploring and imagining, then they need nature play in their daily lives.

This 30-page eBook will give you the ‘sensory’ starting point you need to cultivate your own budget-friendly nature play space at home. This eBook walks you through children’s seven sensory systems and shares nature play spaces and features that holistically feed children’s bodies, brains, and spirits.

With guidance from Jena Ponti Jauchius, who has over 20 years' experience in designing and building nature play spaces and children’s sensory gardens, you’ll discover how fun and easy it is for you and your kids to build an amazing nature play space that’s tailor-made just for them.

Some love for Jena's work:

"Jena’s understanding of children’s needs and approach to nature play is nothing short of magic." - Brooke M., Mom of 3 and Kindergarten teacher

"As an occupational therapist and researcher studying inclusion for children with sensory differences, I find Jena’s work to be refreshing and inspiring. She truly understands what sensory needs are and the therapeutic value in supporting them through landscape design. Not only is her work whimsical and inviting, it can be life-changing for children who finally get the chance to play in environments that were tailor made with them in mind." - Dr. Kathryn Williams, PhD, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

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