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Have you listened to Raising Wild Hearts podcast with Ryann Watkin??

It's one of my faves!

Goodpods ranks it "Top 10 Podcast for Homeschooling" and "Top 50 Podcast for Motherhood". Yes, get your hinder over there and check it out! You can start with my episode called "Nature, Sensory Learning, and Child Development".

Ryann and I had a fun, deep, and insightful convo about the critical importance of the child-nature connection, sensory-based nature play, and neurodiversity.

If you listened to just one of my podcasts, I'd say "THIS ONE!" Lots and lots of great nuggets.

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If you're a person/mom with big, audacious dreams (my favorite kind) I recommend checking out Mel Findlater's work at Permission to be Human. I had a chance to sit down with Mel earlier this summer and dig in deep on what nature has to do with our ability to express and experience our biggest, best, most fully-lived selves...as moms, as women, and as humans that the world really needs right now.

Mel and I also talk about <surprise!> sensory-rich nature play and how nature can be a co-collaborator and support in your parenting journey.

Listen in to our conversation right here.

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Provided by Early Childhood Investigations

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Nature play is one of the most powerful tools we have to give children the type of childhood they need to grow into thriving adults. Nature play calms children’s nervous system, offers the most beneficial sensory stimulation, and is an eager co-creator in play and learning. The benefits of nature play are increasingly recognized, however there is an essential aspect of nature play that has yet to be fully explored: the multi-sensory value of nature play and how it helps children grow into more complex, balanced, and joyful human beings.

This inspiring session will provide in-depth insights about children’s seven senses (there’s not just five!) and how they influence play, learning, and connection. We’ll cover why children need sensory-rich nature play and learning environments, and how we can tailor the sensory experiences of these environments to the individual needs of children, particularly neurodiverse children. By creating sensory-supportive nature-based places for children, ones they experience daily, we are better able to nurture our young in a way they can realize their true, full potential.

This webinar will help you see your outdoor play and learning space with new eyes. It will teach you to look through the lens of the senses, which are the closest adults can get to seeing the magical, experiential way kids see their world.

In this session you will:

CEUs and Certificates are available for attendance!

And a big thanks to my webinar sponsor, Nature Explore

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Bartolotta, with CityCURRENT, about...you guessed it!...the power of sensory-rich nature play! Andrew and I went on a deep dive into how nature play stimulates not just five, but SEVEN sensory systems in children, and why it's vital for their holistic growth.

cityCURRENT 06 08 2023

Andrew says "If you're seeking inspiration on how to transform your backyard into a sensory-rich playscape, or simply want to understand the profound power of nature in child development, this interview is a MUST-WATCH."

Check out the video here!

Victoria Hackett, with Outdoor Classrooms, is an educator who supports and provides resources for other educators, early childhood professionals, and parents interested in creating outdoor classrooms and backyard learning gardens.

Back in March, we had a super fun conversation about the intersection of outdoor learning and sensory experiences.

Outdoor Classrooms Podcast Graphic from Victoria

We talked about:

💚 sensory-rich nature play and why ALL kids need it in their day

💚 some of my favorite sensory features that are easy DIY projects

💚 the magic of childhood and power of connection

Listen in to our conversation here (scroll down to Episode #7)