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Do you have a space you want to create more nature play experiences and you’re stumped on what it should be…or even where to start? Do you love the idea of DIY, want to build something specific, and are overwhelmed by how to actually build the thing?

You can bring Jena to you. She designs AND BUILDS a variety of nature play and sensory spaces and features. Some projects that make for fun DIY and group-build projects include:

  • Sensory path
  • Log balance and climbing features
  • Edible gardens and digging areas
  • Magnifying station
  • A variety of child-inspired garden art
  • Nature loom
  • Cute garden fencing that can host a variety of activities
  • Music and sound features
  • Cozy spaces, like a garden tipi
  • Low-maintenance sensory plantings
  • And more! Got something specific in mind? Just ask Jena what might be possible!

Pricing depends on your location and what you want to build. Contact Jena for more information.. 

To get started with me please get in touch. I can't wait to schedule an initial consult with you. Contact Me or Email Me

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