Nature Play for the 7 Senses

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Nature Play for the 7 Senses

8-Week Virtual Group Workshop with Jena

Perfect for: Parents inspired to create a sensory-rich nature play space at home and want to get their hands (and their kids’ hands) dirty in the process.

Our sensory systems are the filters through which we understand our world. As children, it is the ‘language’ we use to speak with our environment. In any environment, children have an unspoken conversation with their environment. They ask the space “what can you offer me?” “What can I experience here?” “How can I play and spark my imagination?” “How will I know I’m safe?” “What can I learn from you?” “How may I grow here?”

The environment responds to them, always. It responds to children in a language they can easily understand: through their senses. The natural environment is rich in color, shape, texture, fragrance, sensation, taste, movement, and on and on. The conversation begins as the child starts playing, and the dialogue becomes more rich and deep as they explore, discover, and develop a relationship with the space.

Nature play is one of the best tools we parents have to give our children what they need to develop their bodies, brains, nervous systems, imaginations, and spirits.


This workshop will change the way you think about nature play. You’ll learn about children’s 7 sensory systems (yes, there’s 7!) and how each sensory system helps a child to develop holistically.

Once you’ve learned about the 7 senses, you’ll see, for example, a mud kitchen for the multi-sensory magic that it truly is. A loose parts play area transforms from a place you must continually tidy to a place you’ll appreciate for its total sensory development potential. And, plantings areas transcend mere decoration to sensational

Sensory-rich nature play spaces are essential for all kids. If you have a child with additional support needs, like autism, sensory processing disorder, or other neurodiversities, a nature play space will help them find just the right sensory stimulation to give them a happier nervous system.


You’re in the right place if…

-you’ve been wanting to grow a nature play space at home to support your kiddos’ needs

-you’re uncertain about what sorts of nature play things your kid will LOVE and give them the most benefit.

-you’re wondering where in the hee-haw you even start.


Before you spend thousands of dollars on a Costco play structure, I want you to know that creating a magical nature play space at home can be something that’s relatively easy and inexpensive.

And, you can create a nature play and learning space that’s going to give your kids exactly what they need to grow their bodies, brains, imagination, and everything else.

All kids need a nature play space at home. Children, especially now, need daily access to natural environments for their health, happiness, and sense of connectedness.

Nature play spaces, whether big or small, have incredible value for all children, including those with additional support needs. For all kids, nature play helps:

  • spark joy, imagination, and creativity
  • promote learning in one’s own way
  • inspire physical activity
  • offer authentic sensory experiences in children’s 7 senses, which help build bodies, brains, and nervous systems
  • encourage social skills and communication
  • boost self-confidence and independence
  • embrace one’s individuality and unique spirit
  • and so much more!


During this 8-week virtual group workshop, you’ll work with me to get the tools and know-how to transform your kids’ outdoor play space into a sensory-rich nature play area where they will truly blossom.

Each week we’ll go in-depth on a particular sense, explore beneficial nature play features (some you can purchase, some you can build yourself), and learn how you can make a sensory-rich play space and features at home that celebrates your unique children.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand how a nature play space for the 7 senses makes for healthier, happier, more balanced, and nature-connected kids.
  • Learn how to build a variety of nature play and sensory play features relatively easily and on a budget.
  • Create a budding nature play space that will continuously inspire your child’s mind, body, and spirit, and give your family a place for connecting in laughter and joy.

We’ll explore a wide variety of nature play spaces and features, components of sensory gardens, sensory plantings, artwork, and many things you can chose from, or be inspired by, to curate a nature play area specifically for your child’s loves, interests, and needs.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a budding nature play area and be equipped with the know-how to cultivate your nature play area with ease and fun. Your kids will have exactly what they need for nature-connected play, learning, and development. You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing your kiddos have the supportive, engaging, and healthy outdoor space they need to grow and develop into the amazing humans they’re meant to be.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing play area you want to transform, I will help you do this.


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