In-Person Local Workshop Series

Nature Play for the 7 Senses LOCAL Workshop Series (starting Spring 2022)

Perfect for: Spokane, WA-area locals who want some serious(ly fun) hands-on learning on how to build a variety of nature play and sensory play features at home, on a budget.

This workshop series is a 4-week workshop series where we’ll go in-depth on how children interpret their world through their 7 senses, and the nature play and sensory play features that create more wonderous play and learning experiences.

In this workshop series, you’ll:

  • See first-hand sensory-rich nature play features and understand why all children need them in their daily environments.
  • Build nature play features to take home each week, or participate in a hands-on demonstration of building particular features you can install at home at your own pace.
  • Learn how to easily maintain your budding nature play space so it’s a source of joy and not headaches.

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